Coaching program

A typical program starts with an intake where we will explore the match between coach and client. Do we have a good contact, is there openness and is there mutual trust. We will evaluate the client’s question or problem and goals. We will align our expectation for the program.

Next, I will make a program proposal. This, together with the practical arrangements, will be documented in a coaching  agreement, our basis for the program. With this agreement, the client does also accept his responsibility to make this program successful: be motivated, be on time for the session, do the home-work in between the sessions, etc.

The total program usually consists of 3 to 8 sessions of 1 or 1½ hour each. My preference is to schedule the sessions with a 14 days interval. This gives the client time to work on the things we discuss and, if relevant, to work on the tasks agreed upon. During the sessions, I can make use of different coaching methods and/or techniques.

The sessions will take place in my practice or, if weather permits, can take place during a walk outside.

At the end of the program, the process and the results are evaluated together.

In case the client defines a new coaching topic, a new program can be agreed upon.


Coach program funded by the employer

Sometimes a coach program is initiated by the employer. In that case, a special contract will be made between the client, the employer and the coach. This contract will define a/o the goals, process and duration of the program. It will also include a statement that information on the content of the program will only be shared between me, the coach, and the employer after written approval of the client and preferably in the presence of the client. All sessions between client and coach are confidential.