The challenge of MENSenWERK COACHING is to make the client aware of his personal strengths and to use these strengths to formulate positive, constructive thoughts and to come to constructive actions to solve the clients question or problem.

To achieve this, I use a result oriented, to-the-point way of working. I can be confronting when necessary. The basis for the coach-client relation is open, mutually respectful and confidential. To feel secure is most important for the client.

Self-reflection can be difficult for the client, but will therefore also result in lasting change in thoughts and behavior. Your coaching goals will be leading in this process. My role as a coach is to facilitate and accompany you in finding the answers to your questions and to focus on desired and achievable results.

All relevant aspects of your coaching question will be investigated. This can include both ratio and feelings and the environment in which you are working or living. I can use different methods, tools and interview techniques. We will focus to get the right balance between these aspects.