About Aad Schoenmakers

I am involved with
other people. I stand for honesty and openness. I am convinced that people can further develop themselves, also if they experience drawbacks or problems.

By being sincerely interested in you and by connecting to your needs, we will together put focus on your desired future. I am creative and flexible in applying different methods and techniques. Every time we succeed in making progress towards your goals, it gives me great satisfaction.

I combine my work for MENSenWERK COACHING with my current job as Purchasing Manager at Philips Healthcare.

I have a long experience in the industry where my focus has shifted from technical functions to relationship management and Purchasing. Next to that I am becoming more and more active in coaching colleagues.

I am Confidant at Philips Healthcare Nederland and I am mentor in the cross mentor program of “Opportunity in Bedrijf” with the aim to improve the possibilities for women in the top of the trade and industry.

I am married and we have 3 grown up children.

Born and raised in Schiedam, I studied in Delft and then moved, together with my wife, to Heerlen. Over 25 years ago we moved to Waalre where we are still living today.

I am an enthusiastic photographer. This gives me lots of ideas to work with images and metaphors in a coaching process, enabling to make further use of my creativity.

My incentives and motivation

What motivates me to be a coach? I have realized that one of the most rewarding things in life is to be able to support another person in his personal development, in his private or professional life.

For me that is the essence of coaching: it starts with the clients question or problem and by together finding an answer to that, the client grows in his level of well-being.

By applying one of my core qualities (sincere interest in the client, truly connecting with him and accepting him), I take care that we follow a process where the client can find answers to his coaching questions and where we initiate and embed real changes in thoughts and behavior.

Depending on the client’s question, I can use several tools or models, like core quadrants, RET (Rational Emotive Theory) and VBT (Value-Based Transformation), Voice Dialogue, the logical levels of Dilts-Bateson or role playing.

Work and education

After finishing high school in Schiedam, I studied Applied Physics at the Technical University in Delft. In 1986 I started working with Philips Electronics. Besides my work at MENSenWERK Coaching, I have a part time function as Purchasing Manager at Philips Healthcare.

During the years I worked in different functional areas and in a diversity of functions and organizations. My many contacts with other companies and organizations (both local and international) have further expanded my experience.

During the first years of my career I have worked in different technical functions (engineer, project leader, team leader) in technical organizations. In 1995 I made the switch to a commercial Purchasing function. Main reason for this switch was the emphasis on relationship management with suppliers or better: with employees of a supplier. In the end, all we achieve is realized by how we achieve that together. This is especially true in a customer-supplier relation, but also in the corporation within a team or between teams. Becoming more and more interested in this, I increasingly use my knowledge and experience to coach colleagues and others.

Over the years I have followed different programs and trainings to further expand my expertise.

Followed programs are a/o:

  • Education in Voice Dialogue and Transformation Psychology – ITP
  • Training in stress management – De Ommezwaai
  • Professional education as coach at the Alba University
  • Certified coach at the NOBCO
  • Master class Coaching – Schouten & Nelissen
  • Training coaching for performance and growth – DDI Development Dimensions International Inc.
  • Training “Onderhandelen en Conflicthantering” (negotiating and conflict management) – Schouten & Nelissen
  • Active as mentor in the cross mentor program of “Opportunity in Bedrijf” to improve the gender diversity and inclusive leadership
  • Active as Confidant at Philips Healthcare Nederland
  • Participating in 2 intervision groups for competence enhancement