Areas of expertise

MENSenWERK COACHING focuses on men and women who have issues in their current work, their well-being or their carrier planning.

By means of my experience, both as a person and as a long term employee, I can use a very personal and effective approach to help you towards the desired answers and changes.

Typical topics for coaching at MENSenWERK COACHING are:

  • Personal coaching on a work-related question
  • Life Coaching for personal development
  • Recognize new opportunities in your current work
  • Enforcing your strengths, your core qualities
  • Career development
  • Increase your self confidence level
  • Improve your communication with others
  • How to deal with stress
  • How to avoid stress / burn-out
  • How to select a study, an education or a profession
  • …..


Typical client questions:

To give some examples of an almost unlimited list of relevant questions:

  • How can I make a right choice to continue my career?
  • How to get a better balance between work and private life?
  • How can I enjoy my work (again)?
  • How can I improve my performance in my job?
  • How can I tell people I do not feel well, without being labeled as “weak”?
  • How can I better present myself?
  • How can I avoid stress or how can I deal with stress that is work-related?
  • How can I prevent or deal with conflicts?
  • ……